Let the beauty of music and video intertwine, brightening every moment of your life.
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Background Playback
Convenience: Allows users to continue enjoying music while performing other tasks.
Power saving: Reduce screen brightness and power consumption, extending device battery life.
Various Music Genres
A vast amount of music resources, covering various music genres such as pop, classical, rock, electronic, and music from different countries and regions.
Personalized recommendation feature recommends music based on the user's playback history.
1. Is It easy to install PureTuber?
You just need to click the download button and then wait for the installation to complete.
2. Is it safe to download and use Pure Tuber APK?
This app has been released on Google Play and the App Store, meaning it has been reviewed for safety.
3. What about the privacy of Pure Tuber?
As I mentioned above that this app stores data locally, meaning the app will not track or violate your personal data.
4. Will Pure Tuber collect personal data and invade privacy?
Pure Tuber is a user-friendly app that aims to offer the best user experience. We only use certain information to enhance our service, personalize user experience, and we will never steal users' personal data.
5.Why is my app not working?
There are several reasons why your app may not play videos, and here are some effective solutions: Outdated version: Check the app store for a newer version, update it, and then restart the app. If the issue persists, you can try clearing the app cache or data, or uninstalling and reinstalling the application. Network connection issue: Check your Wifi or mobile data connection, or toggle the connection off and on again. If the above measures do not resolve the issue, please contact us at supertuberstudio@gmail.com.